What does my Membership entitle me to?

You will receive discounts at over 80 leading restaurants, cafes, and delicatessens throughout the Far North region for the duration of your annual Membership. 

There are three levels of Membership available to suit your lifestyle. Take the time to choose the best one for you.

What will I receive once I have joined up?


You will receive a membership pack including your personalised membership card. You will need to present this card when you dine at your favourite restaurant or café.


You will also receive a pocket guide highlighting all of the special offers and discounts offered.


To keep you up-to-date with any extra specials, a special member newsletter will be sent to you every couple of months.


Also, if you have access to email we will send you email bulletins on extra special offers being made by participating restaurants.


You can also keep up to date by checking out this website!

Standard Membership

Standard membership is a full membership valid for one year. This membership is available NOW for $99 (normal price $149).

Supplementary Membership If you have purchased a standard membership but feel you and your partner may both want to use the card at separate times, we can offer you a supplementary membership NOW for $30 (normal price $39). This card still entitles you to all the benefits of a standard membership.
Family Membership

Family membership is a full membership valid for two adults and up to four children, up to the age of 16 years inclusive. The price for a family membership is NOW $129 for one year (normal price $199).

Corporate Membership

Why not let the whole office enjoy fantastic discounts?
Call 4033 7811 and ask about our Corporate Cards today!

Membership card sample

Your Restaurant Club card is embossed with your name, membership number and expiry date. Your card will be sent to you along with a welcome kit when you join. Make sure you sign your card in the authorised signature panel, as it is non-transferrable.