What is The Restaurant Club?                                             

The Restaurant Club rewards you every single time you dine out in Cairns, Port Douglas, the Northern Beaches, and the Atherton Tablelands.

Being a Member of The Restaurant Club doesn’t mean you have to go out for a big dinner to be rewarded, you can save money simply by taking a well-earned break and having a coffee.

As a Member, you not only get to dine out on our region’s sensational array of cuisine at a heavily discounted price, but you also get to feel good about the fact that you are supporting local businesses.

As locals in the Far North, we are surrounded by a quality of cuisine the rest of the world envies. Not only does the Club enable you to try this sensational array of world-class food but you also get financially rewarded for trying it out! Now, that’s a Club worth joining!

The Restaurant Club offers you, as a valued Member who supports our business community, discounts between 10% and 50%, and with the huge range of restaurants to choose from, why would you want to eat anywhere else?

As a member what will I receive?
As a Member you will receive regular newsletters, email updates, special offers on top of the regular discounts, a pocket guide to the restaurants participating in the Club and much more.


How can I join?

To join The Restaurant Club there is an introductory annual fee of $99 (which works out to around $3 per week). Members will save many times this amount due to the large range of restaurants participating. If you think about the times that you stop for a coffee with friends, meet for lunch or go out for a meal, it soon adds up. Imagine if you are saving between 10% and 50% every time you make a purchase – it is certainly a very satisfying feeling.

The sooner you join, the sooner you are rewarded for supporting your local businesses.