What our members say...

I was really impressed by the range of restaurants and coffee shops available. I am definitely enjoying my card and the great benefits. The Restaurant Club is making me make an effort to get out of the house and go to lunch more often.
— Julie Niehaus, New Cairns Resident

The Restaurant Club offers great savings and is encouraging me to patron restaurants I don't normally visit. It's also great to use when taking clients out for business lunches. The Restaurant Club offers far more variety than any other card in Cairns.
— Linda Lay, Manager of Electrical, Harvey Norman

I have used my Restaurant Club card at a number of restaurants and have found the staff to be fantastic. When you present your card, they treat you like a VIP! I highly recommend joining The Restaurant Club.
— Libbie Ong, Cairns

The Restauarnt Club saves us heaps of money and we always receive good service when we present our card.
— Sonia & Joe Hofmann, Kuranda

Because of my Restaurant Club card, I get to eat out at my favourite restaurants more often, it's so affordable and I think it's very good value for money.
— Jane Nagano, Cairns

I went to La Marina at Port Douglas recently. Our Restaurant Club card was welcomed and the staff really looked after us. The food and service was excellent. It's a top class restaurant and I would recommend La Marina and the Restaurant Club to anyone.
— Rob McGrath

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To join The Restaurant Club there is annual fee (which works out to around $3 per week). Members will save many times this amount due to the large range of restaurants participating. When you think about the times that you stop for a coffee with friends, meet for lunch or go out for a meal, it soon adds up. Imagine if you are saving between 10% and 50% every time you make a purchase – it is certainly a very satisfying feeling.

Restaurant Club members are proud to show their card at more than 80 participating restaurants, cafes, delicatessans and providores in Far North Queensland. Cards are embossed with your name, membership number and expiry date.